About Us: Basking Ridge Florist

We are the local family owned Basking Ridge Florist in Basking Ridge, NJ..

Our Basking Ridge Florist in Basking Ridge was established in 1985 at its present location and has operated uninterrupted since then. We design and deliver each order with our own staff and trucks. Our staff represents three generations of florists in Basking Ridge, NJ. We are one of the oldest, most experienced, well- known, florists in Basking Ridge New Jersey.

When it has to special, it should be

Basking Ridge Florist.

Our Guarantee

We unconditionally guarantee everything we sell. If you are not pleased please contact us immediately at 908 766 6155.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday 7am-7pm

Sunday 7am-7pm

Privacy Policy

We use the information we collect to fill your order only. We do not sell or trade any information we collect nor send any marketing emails.

Area facilites that we service

  • Brighton Gardens Basking Ridge
  • Chelsea at Basking Ridge
  • La Monica Memorial Home
  • Leonardis Memorial Home
  • Madison Memorial Home
  • St Barnabus Medical Center
  • St Anne's Villa
  • Wynwood of Basking Ridge
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